Brandband wireless services

Broad band access is a  key element of modern communication. wireless technologies have a number of great advantages. To provide broadband access, we use different media and transmissions. i.e cable connections, Fibre Lines, satelite, fixed wireless and othesrs.

Leased lines services

Crown Networks provides high-speed interconnection services over a vast geographical area.

We provide online cost-effective technology with extensive scalability.

Network Support

We design, install and maintain networks of all kinds. Above all, we provide 24/7/365 support to both new and existing infrastructure.

Our advantage

Bandwidth scalability

We provide scalability where network bandwidth requirements vary at individual sites and times to meet daily operational Requirements.

Non technology learning curve

We provide and manage networks edge device to allow users access the network through familiar interfaces.

state of art network managment

From our network operation center (NOC) in kampala, Crown networks technicians actively manage and monitor customer and underlying infrastructure 24/7.

Dedicated customer sopport

We provide a dedicated account team and a business-class service our customers expect.


We Drive technology with leading brands